My skills

Allow me to present to you a compilation of my professional skills. This list reflects my commitment to excellence in key areas, spanning from Front-End development to crafting impactful user experiences and specializing in development with SAP Spartacus. I am excited to share with you this comprehensive overview of the skills I have honed throughout my career:

Agile Methodologies Amazon Web Services AWS Angular Augmented Reality AR Block, Element, Modifier Methodology BEM Claris Filemaker CSS3 Database Modelling E-Commerce Extended Reality XR Front-End Functional Analysis Google Analytics Google Cloud Platform GCP Google Lighthouse Audit Graphic Design Inverted Triangle CSS ITCSS Metaverse Micro-Frontend Architecture Microsoft Azure Mixed Reality MR Mobile First Design MFD MySQL Progressive Web Applications PWA React Responsive Web Design RWD SAP Spartacus SASS Search Engine Optimization SEO Semantic HTML5 Single Page Applications SPA Software Architecture Three.js TypeScript Unified Modeling Language UML Unity 3D User Experience UX User Interface UI Virtual Reality VR WebGL